After Over a Year, Theater III puts on “You Can’t Take it With You”

Theater students connect personally to the chaos of the 1938 film


Emma Hallock

The cast of “You Can’t Take it with You” on opening night.

Emma Hallock, Staff Writer

  Theater Three has been working hard on their production “You Can’t Take it With You.” Their premieres were on the weekends of April 23 and April 30. “You Can’t Take it With You” is a film made in 1938 that is considered a romantic comedy.  

  “It follows a crazy family,” junior Indigo Hall said. “One of the characters falls in love with the boss’s son at her firm. She is trying to introduce the two families while one is very prestigious and put together while her family is all over the place.”

With the film’s history, Minda Nyquist, the theater and stagecraft teacher, ensures that her students do some research before they begin their journey in the acting process. Having some background on the play allows for students to relate to the characters and build their trade.

  “We read the book last year,” Nyquist said. “We are able to relate to the craziness of the play, from switching back and forth between online and in person.”

  Unfortunately, only family members were allowed to attend so the theater program was unable to raise money. Although only family members could attend, there are two videos that anyone can access and watch the performance that has been sent through TCAPS mail, along with being on the TCAPS website.