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The Occidentalist is the official student produced newspaper and news website of news and information published/produced by WSH newspaper students. The Occidentalist has been established as a designated public forum for student editors and reporters to inform and educate their readers. As well, it will not be prior-reviewed or restrained by school officials prior to publication or distribution. Advisors may and should coach and discuss content during the writing process. Because school officials do not engage in prior-review, and the content of the Occidentalist media is determined and reflects only the views of the student staff and not school officials or the school itself, its student editorial board and responsible student staff members assume complete legal and financial liability for the content of the publication.


Commenting: Our publication values the community’s opinion, and we want to encourage and foster discussion amongst our community. We welcome our readers to comment on current issues and online content. All comments are reviewed by our editors and/or adviser prior to approval. We reserve the right to edit comments based on inappropriate content, style, grammar and context. Comments submitted anonymously without good reason will not be approved. The views expressed in comments are solely the authors’ and do not reflect the views of The Occidentalist staff members, editors and advisers.

As an online publication, we have the benefit of almost instantaneous feedback on our content. However, some material is not appropriate for publication, including:

  1. Sexually obscene comments
  2. Comments containing profanity
  3. Comments harshly criticizing coaches, administrators, teachers, and/or individual students
  4.  Libelous comments: False statements, written or broadcast, which intend to:
    • Bring any person into public hatred, contempt or ridicule
    • Cause a person to be shunned or avoided or
    • Injure a person in his business or profession

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