The One Where They Reunite


Emma Hallock, Staff Writer

  The first “Friends” episode was published in September of 1994. The show hit 22 million views on the first episode and they only increased from there. “Friends” was in the top 50 Best TV Shows of All Time and won 62 Primetime Emmy Awards. Now, 25 years later, the cast reunited and televised it. 

  While watching the “Friends” Reunion, I was shocked at how much all of the characters have changed. You are able to tell who is who, but you are also able to tell that they have aged. There were many changes but also many similarities. Some similarities included their sense of humor, their set, and their respect towards each other. 

  Personally, I enjoyed seeing the crew back together. My whole family grew up watching the show. My grandmother would put the show on for my mom and my mom did the same for me.  I still know some of the lines by heart, and my younger sister is still obsessed with the show and quotes it all the time. It was refreshing to see them back together again.

  Something to be prepared for before watching is that it is not like any other episode. There are bloopers, interviews, special events, and guests including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, BTS, and more. Although it is not the original show, I recommend that you grab your favorite snack and watch this movie because it is entertaining and can give you one good laugh.