Mask Mandate Lifted for Fully Vaccinated People

Gov. Whitmer has lifted the mask mandate for all fully vaccinated students and staff, but TCAPS has decided to keep the masks on.

Alyssa Masiewicz, Editor-in-Chief

   On May 14, Gov. Whitmer lifted the mask mandate for all fully vaccinated people (two weeks after the second vaccination dose). On July 1, all COVID restrictions and mandates will be lifted for everyone in the state of Michigan. 

   Many students were excited to take off their masks for the first time at school, but TCAPS has chosen to continue on with their Safe Start COVID-19 Response and Preparedness Plan. 

   “The new order also does not yet affect the majority of TCAPS students,” TCAPS Superintendent Dr. John VanWagoner said. “The earliest a 16 or 17-year-old student would be eligible to not wear a mask indoors would be the week of May 24 and the earliest date 12 to 15-year-olds could be considered fully vaccinated is June 16,” VanWagoner said. 

   Although students are ready to ditch the masks, other students think it’s good to keep them on until next year. 

   “It [wearing a mask] makes me feel safer because not very many people are vaccinated at school,” freshman Leland Branco said. 

   For some, wearing a mask doesn’t really affect them, and will just do what they have to do for the safety of themselves and others. 

   “It doesn’t really affect me that much [wearing a mask at school]. I am vaccinated so I probably would not if I had a choice, but until then I don’t really care that much,” junior Mogen McAllister said. 

   With the COVID restrictions finally being lifted, students and staff are hopeful for a more normal 2021-2022 school year with big events like the Patriot Game, homecoming, and prom. The question is whether or not students will have to continue to wear masks for these big social events.

   “I think if you are not vaccinated then you should wear a mask at those big events, but I doubt anyone will because it is illegal to ask someone to show their vaccination card,” McAllister said. 

   COVID cases are on a decline, bringing a bit more hope about everything getting back to normal. But, as we transition back into post-COVID life, not seeing people wearing masks will be a weird sight. 

   “I think [loosening COVID restrictions] is good but bad at the same time because there is definitely going to be a pretty solid spike in COVID cases, but you know I like not wearing a mask,” said McAllister.