Cherry Festival: Economic Opportunity to Crowd out Locals


Lily Galnares

   The National Cherry Festival is an annual tradition that has been a part of of Traverse City since 1925. Last year it was cancelled for the first time since World War II due to the pandemic. However, it’s coming back for the summer of 2021. The Cherry Festival is great for the local economy and businesses, and becomes busier every year as the city becomes more popular. Yet, can it get too busy? The National Cherry Festival is often problematic to nearby residents. The festival can create many inconveniences that makes living difficult for Traverse City locals.

   If you live near downtown Traverse City, it’s no secret how crowded it gets during the summer and expecially the festival. Residents have nowhere to park their cars as tourists park in front of and behind houses, grocery stores are extremely packed, and the extra people add a lot of noise in the morning and at night. Even people from out of town avoid coming into town due to the excess amount of people during this week. If you live in town however, you have to get used to the crowded neighborhoods, crazy traffic, and unwanted strangers in your yard early in the morning.

   However, this is no reason to get overly upset about the Cherry Festival. The Cherry Festival is very beneficial to Traverse City’s restaurants, farmers, and artists. It’s always interesting to observe and meet the new people. The Cherry Festival is still a fun experience with the added benefit of great food.