Sock Drive Helps Provide Warmth for the TC Community

Wave Spence, Staff Writer

  Dec. 21 is the first day of winter and with that, means a long, cold period in northern Michigan. According to, Having warm feet opens up the foot’s blood vessels to allow better blood flow and helps your body to redistribute heat throughout it. Because of this, the TCAPS music department has started up its 10th annual sock drive for the local community.

  “It started with the idea that when your feet are cold, your whole body is uncomfortable and socks aren’t really glamorous but they are definitely needed,” said choir teacher Wendee Wolf-Schlarf.

  In the past, the fundraiser has been a hit throughout all secondary schools in the district, in all music programs and west’s choir alone has raised anywhere from 300-800 socks annually. The choir program has also added an incentive for the most socks raised through the classes which increased the competition.

  “The class that donates the most socks on a class average, they not only get either a pizza or a donut party but they also get to choose what color we dye Mr. Wangeman’s beard,” Wolf-Schlarf said.

  To increase the numbers other than having a class competition, concerts are being used to generate more socks as they are accepted instead of tickets.

  “Every director has been promoting with their [students] parents to bring socks instead of charging admission, which we don’t, but your admission is a pair of socks,” Wolf-Schlarf said.

  The donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds go to the STEP program at the given school, but also is designed to accommodate schools that don’t have those programs.

  “Traverse City High School doesn’t have a music program so the administration building on Boardman where the superintendent is has the office donate socks,” Wolf-Schlarf said.

  This drive has been going on for a decade, and there are no plans for it to stop anytime soon, and as long as the donations continue to pile up, the program can continue to provide warmth and comfort for those who are less fortunate.

  “People kind of forget about it but it always seems to come back and being the music coordinator it kind of goes through our office and as a district event, so I think it had a positive impact,” Wolf-Schlarf said.

  Sometimes, the drive is such a success that its proceeds can provide socks for all who need them and then still has some left for the following year.

  “Oftentimes they have leftover socks that can then be incorporated into the fall so we’re trying to set it up for that winter, cold time frame, and hopefully those donations can be carried over to other students the next year,” Wolf-Schlarf said.

 For any interested, the drive runs until the 17th and socks can be donated in any of the music rooms, all containing a large decorated box.

  This charity shows how students can come together for a cause that can help many in this season of giving back, and also being thankful for the things that we take for granted.