Getting Hyped Before the Big Game

Students attend the pep rally held at the end of the school day before the big basketball game MHSAA judged for Battle of the Fans


Photo Courtesy: M. Henry

Students scream chants at the Battle of the Fans pep rally

Shelbie Gray , Staff writer

  Student senate organized a pep rally to give everyone a sneak peak at how hype the student section at the Battle of the Fans game will be. Student sections are important for every game, but with West making the finals for the fourth time ever, this was arguably the most important student section of the year.

  The pep rally started off with a performance from our amazing drumline. The drumline was able to get the student body hyped up and ready to cheer. Student senate then came in and led the crowd with many of West’s famous cheers. Even though it was only the pre game, all the students were ready to show their support to our basketball team.

  The man’s dance team then announced that they will be performing at the game. Normally the dance team only performs at one game, which has already happened this year. Due to this game being such a great opportunity to show everyone our school spirit this year they performed at two games this year.

  Just incase all of this wasn’t enough to persuade students to attend the game, student senate dropped a huge bomb: for the first time in West’s history, someone’s head will be getting shaved during half time. How could you miss that?

  All of this was only the pre-game, and after the roaring crowd at the pep rally, the game was assured to be one of a kind.