Tom Brady Returns from Retirement at 44

After retiring on Feb. 1, the popular football player announces his return for his next season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Landon Foster, Staff Writer

  After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers failed playoff run, Tom Brady announced his retirement from football. Many people theorized that he would come back and play until he won a superbowl, and it looks like they were right. Brady returned to football and is still currently in the process of setting up a deal for him to play another season. Nobody knows how long he will continue to play though as he is already 44-years-old. For reference, the oldest football player, George Blanda, played from 1949 to 1975 and retired at the age of 48.

  Tom Brady will likely want to end his career with a Super Bowl win, since he has seven Super Bowl rings and one more would end his career with a bang. In his 20 year football career he has set record breakers, running over 845,000 yards and 624 touchdowns, both being record breakers. He already has a spot in the hall of fame and has many trophies including the most valuable player, offensive player of the year, and seven Super Bowl rings. He has led an amazing career and inspired many while also having a supporting family and reaching fame outside of football.

  However, age will catch up to him eventually, which can lead to loss of eyesight, increased risk of concussions, along with other injuries, all of which would impact a Quarter Back’s ability to play at the top of his game.

  On Tom Brady’s twitter he tweeted out: “In these past two months I’ve realized my place is on the field and not in the stands. That time will come but it’s not now.”

  He will be returning to the Buccaneers for the 2022 season. Although retirement is in the future, it won’t be now.