New Students Are Inducted into National Honors Society


Photo: B. Baldwin/staff

Sophomore Tyson Bright crosses the stage at National Honor’s Society Induction

  This year’s new National Honors Society (NHS) students were inducted on Tuesday, May 10. After working hard on applications and getting some volunteer hours in, the accepted students filed into the auditorium Tuesday night awiting to be inducted into the society.

  The application process, including getting teacher recommendations, filling out the forms and revealing all previous volunteer hours can be tedious, yet rewarding when the acceptance letters finally arrive in the mail. After being accepted, the induction process begins before students are allowed to acquire the 20 required volunteer hours for the next school year. Sophomore Keely Robertson applied for a reason many others have as well going into the program. 

  “I chose to apply because it is a great way to make your college applications look good and it is a good experience,” Robertson said.

  Then, as candles were lit, accepted students from all grades crossed the stage, finally being inducted into the honors society. Students recited the oath and finally became a part of the NHS. Sophomore Tyson Bright reveals how the actual induction ceremony went.

  “The induction was good, went smoothly, and it was fun going with my friends,” Bright said. 

  Not only is it a new year of National Honors Society starting up, complete with new student’s, but it is also complete with a new staff running National Honors Society. The new president, junior Jonah Hochstetler, was elected.

  “I’m excited about the new president because I feel like things will be really organized and go well,” Robertson said.

  As the new year of the NHS begins, the race to complete all 20 required volunteer hours begins. Opportunities to volunteer are abundant and can be found anywhere. Freshman Maggie Ranger already has figured out how she will meet the goal. 

  “I plan on volunteering with my friends and maybe doing a hike or beach clean ups together,” Ranger said.

  All in all, this year’s National Honors Society is off to a great start and new accepted students are ready to participate in their volunteer opportunities.