Crisis in Ukraine Hits Close to Home

Freshman Alex Narolskyy and family do what they can to protect each other

Kristin Taylor, Staff Writer, Page Designer

  The Russia vs Ukraine war has affected many people and many families all over the world. Freshman Alex Narolskyy is a part of one of the many families that have been impacted. Narolskyy’s cousins were in Ukraine, one of his cousins was about to turn 18 years old.

  “If he was there for any longer he would’ve turned 18 and he would’ve been drafted. He didn’t want to be drafted so my sister went there for quite some time to try and take him out,” Narolskyy said.

  Narolskyy’s sister and their cousin’s weren’t able to get into the United States for quite some time after going to Ukraine. 

  “When the war just started they were trying to get out of Ukraine but there was a border back up and they were there for I think like two weeks on the border,” Narolskyy said.

  People from the ages of 18 to around 60 couldn’t get out of Ukraine because they needed people to fight in the war. 

  Narolskyy’s sister and cousins are now in the United States after their long journey. 

  “It was kind of nerve wracking, because I didn’t know if I was gonna see my sister again or not,” Narolskyy said.

  Narolskyy’s grandma is still stuck in Ukraine and although she can’t get drafted to fight in the war she is still in danger along with many other people. 

  Narolskyy’s family isn’t the only family going through these hard times, loved ones being in danger and just out of reach.