Soccer Heads for a Midland Dow Matchup

Girls soccer to go up against Midland Dow at regionals


Girls varsity team photo courtesy: tcwgsoccer instagram

Wave Spence, Staff Writer

  Most spring sports have finished up their seasons by the end of May, but girls soccer is still going strong, defeating Alpena on Tuesday to bring them to the district finals. They will then compete against Midland Dow on Friday in an attempt to make it to regionals. Although Midland Dow is a difficult team, the girls have confidence that they can beat them. 

  “I’m a little scared, but I’m excited as well because the last time we played them we only lost 2-1 and we gave up a PK [penalty kick] so we were in the game,” junior Alessia Piombo said. 

  The team itself is doing great on and off the field with the players forming bonds and friendships to last a lifetime. 

  “My favorite thing is probably that we’re all good friends and I think we all get along really well and theirs no drama so It’s a really fun time,” sophomore Lila Warren said. 

   Despite intensive practices and hours of training to get to this point, the team still has time to make fun memories and hang out with each other.

  “My favorite thing about the season is our team pasta parties, I really love them,” Piombo said. 

  Even if Friday is the last day of their season, much of the team will continue to play for different clubs over the summer 

  “I’m going to play for my club team and they have a summer league, some of my teammates are actually on my club team so we all kind of play together in the summer,” Warren said. 

  Since the regional game will be an exciting match-up against a tough team, everyone is encouraged to go cheer on West. The student section theme will be “White Lies” so wear white with a harmless lie attached to it. 

  “I think we’re going to win and everyone should come to our game on Friday and every other game after that,” Piombo said.