Student Senate Prepares for the Next School Year

Student senators have the opportunity to be reelected or reappointed into the class to build a promising group for the following year

Anna Sperry, In-Depth Editor

  The school year is coming to a close with summer break on the way and students and staff are preparing for the following school year. Student senate holds a prominent part in organizing school events and inspiring school spirit, that is, why students elect senators through a democracy. As the final vote was recorded, some senators realized that they were not elected to be a part of student senate next year. 

  “I was pretty upset [when I wasn’t reelected initially] because I like senate. It’s fun to stay involved and everything,” sophomore Tyson Bright said. 

Graphic: A. Sperry/staff

  While the initial reactions of some senators not remaining on the roster was unpleasant, there was still hope in being reelected into student senate. The class offers reappointments for senators who were not reelected for the following year. 

  “We have a lot of great senators that wouldn’t get voted back in from the whole student body because a lot of [students] ran,” freshman Sole Demeuse said. 

  Student senate reappointments allows for current senators who were not elected to return for the following year. Only four senators are chosen each year. 

  “[The senator] needed to show that they made the effort and that they were committed to senate,” junior Alexa Nguyen said. 

  The day of reappointments can be nerve-racking for some senators because it determines who will be able to enroll in the class for the following year. 

  “I was honestly a little surprised. I was very excited about it. I love senate so much and it’s like one of my favorite things and I really worked hard to get that position again,” Demeuse said. 

  Reappointments benefit the senator and the student body. The students that are able to rejoin senate after not being elected may alter their way of connecting with the student body in the coming year. 

  “It’s a way for [the senator] to improve from [the] past year and [try] to be more involved,” Nguyen said. 

  Along with the ability to be in the class another year and expand relationships within the school community, senate reappointments also allow for experienced senators to connect and teach newly elected senators.

  “Even if we can’t reappoint everyone, it’s still nice to have some people there who have experience [to] help the new senators,” Demeuse said. 

  Having students with previous participation in senate is beneficial to the class as well. It eliminates a learning curve that new senators face and helps the class start the year off prepared.

  “It’s just to keep [current senators] in and make sure senate stays productive,” Bright said. 

  Student senate is an important part of school culture and specifically for current and incoming senators.

  “There’s a lot of people who care about senate so it’s nice having people go for something they care about,” Demeuse said.