The Ins and Outs of Student Senate

Student Senate has a direct impact on school culture


Courtesy: R. Herban

Student senate members of the 2022-23 school year.

Leland Branco and Tatem Bottrell

  From loud-speaker karaoke at lunch to picking themes for school events, Student Senate members help lead the student body and their school spirit. 

  “I think Senate represents how our school acts and it is just a good way to get students involved in bigger decisions that typically students aren’t allowed to make,” junior Tyson Bright said.

  Being able to execute the student body’s ideas is one thing senate members like about the position. 

  “Senate is the spot that students can go to suggest ideas instead of going up to Mr. Esper or teachers,” freshman Alexa Smith said. 

  The process in which the senate carries out the student body’s ideas is a crucial part of the Senate class, which happens in Darren Frechette, the student senate advisor’s, room- A116.

  “At the beginning of the class, [student Governor] Ian [Robertson] is up at the whiteboard writing stuff down about what we have to talk about to start the day,” Bright said. “With themes, everyone has the opportunity to throw out an idea, then Ian typically writes down the top five, and then everyone has two votes. We narrow it down to the top two and then everyone votes again.”

  The student Governor leads this student section theme decision process in addition to leading the Senate as a whole.

  “The Governor is a big role because it is basically all of Senate represented in one person,” Bright said. “Ian calls all the shots.”

  Faced with the biggest student leadership role in the school as senate-elected Governor, Robertson’s work extends outside of the school day. 

  “I don’t know how Ian does it,” Smith said. “He has other schools reaching out to him and he just kind of has to run everything and it just seems really stressful.”

  Along with the Governor, executive members such as senior Alexa Nguygen view having a leadership role in Student Senate as a huge accomplishment. 

  “[Going] to games is one of the best ways you can get involved with [in] school. Talk to a senator. Get involved at school in sports, music or anything at lunch,” Nguyen said. 

  The reason a Student Senate was created in the first place is because of the large and diverse student population.

  “[Student sSnate] represents excitement and shows how much fun high school can be. It sets the tone of the entire school’s spirit. It also gives [students] a say in what goes on around the school,” sophomore Leland Lyons said.