The Fall Musical is Making Headway

For the first time in several years, the school musical, “Kiss Me, Kate!” will be shown in the fall


E. Ranke

The ending scene of the male ensemble song in “Kiss Me, Kate!”

Will Collins, Staff Writer

  The school musical this year is going to be “Kiss Me, Kate!” A story about two ex-lovers who come together to perform a play within a play. After two years of spring musicals, it is returning to the fall. For many students, this is a big first step to begin the school year.

  “Everyone that’s been [to rehearsals] has been great and are retaining what we’re giving and working on it. I would say it’s pretty great, other than just the culture shock of starting right back up again, it’s going pretty well,” theater teacher and musical director Minda Nyquist said.

  Months of preparation create not only a musical performance but also displays significant growth and a greater performing arts community. 

  “The coolest part for us is to watch you kids. Kids that are involved in the musical learn and grow through theater and singing and dancing. It is such a rewarding experience to watch because by the time we put the show up, hopefully, you kids feel confident you’re ready to go out there and be ready to really entertain people. People respond positively and that’s such a great reward,” music director Erich Wangeman said.

  The main character, Kate, is played by senior Morgan Holt.

  “Surprisingly I have a little bit of free time,” Holt said.

  The time commitment, however, applies to everyone, not just the student performers.

  “[We spend] at least three to four hours a day [practicing] for a good four months,” Wangeman said. 

  The directors are the heart and soul of the production; their commitment to time is directly reflected in the overall performance.

  “It’s like a full-time job, as well as the full-time job,” Nyquist said.

  The effort that teachers put in does not go unnoticed. Students find the musical has become an integrated part of their high school experience.

  “I am very excited about it. This is my first time having a big role. It’s a very big jump from what I’ve done before and I am just so excited to show everybody what I can do,” Holt said.

  The musical program is a way for students to further their musical learning as well as a safe environment where they can feel appreciated.

  “[Musical theater] strengthens friendships and bonds and it’s so much fun. It’s good for kids to get out there and do it,” Holt said.

  Students often need a creative outlet and the musical is a place where people from all different backgrounds come together to produce and perform a show.

  “The other thing is that students involved in the theater and especially, I think musical theater, really learn a great deal about themselves and the expression of themselves through that art,” Wangeman said.