Disney Continues to Revise Old Classics, But Are They Worth It?

Tim Allen returns to his usual Santa Claus role in the new tv show, “The Santa Clauses”


Photo Courtesy: IMDb

The official series poster for “The Santa Clauses”

Wesley Elias, Staff Writer

  “The Santa Clauses” is a sequel to the classic film series “The Santa Clause” with the same Santa we have grown accustomed to since Tim Allen’s first appearance as Scott Calvin in 1994. In the TV series, Scott Calvin realizes as he approaches his 65th birthday that he can’t be Santa Claus forever and must pass down the reins of Santa to someone else as they once did to him 28 years prior. Jack Burditt, the creator of “The Santa Clauses,” and Disney+ have restored the loss of Christmas spirit in the real world by reconnecting families around the TV, watching the same Santa Clause series as their parents did in their younger years.

  In the first episode, Scott Calvin starts realizing he is losing powers as Santa Claus when he loses weight and his magic starts wearing off while delivering presents on Christmas. His family is struggling to live normal lives in the North Pole because Scott hasn’t been with his family on Christmas as he has had to be out all night delivering presents to kids all around the world. When it’s not Christmas, he is usually working hard to make sure he can deliver Christmas the next year, leaving little time to spend with his wife and kids.

  In episode two, Scott learns how the Santa Claus persona has been passed on from person to person for hundreds of years. As he starts to realize how long he has been Santa, he begins to consider retirement and pass the mantle down to someone else.

  The third episode is about Scott interviewing and considering multiple people to pass the job of Santa to. One of the first people he interviews is the famous football player Peyton Manning, who doesn’t seem to be humble enough for the job. His ego gets in the way when he signs Santa’s best friend’s shirt which Michelangelo himself made. After some trial and error, he lands on single father Simon Choksi when they find out their daughters have run off into the woods and can’t be found. Santa and Simon go into the woods to find their daughters and, when Santa sees how much Simon cares about his daughter, he realizes he has found the perfect fit.

  After Scott has chosen who he thinks is a nice replacement for the new Santa Clause, in episode four, Scott and his family move to Chicago to live a normal life. His family adjusts to a regular lifestyle, for example, Scott’s daughter becomes interested in horses and his son Cal has found a love interest. Scott’s wife, Carol, has fit back into her administration role at a high school and is like a celebrity to her old co-workers. Scott, unlike his wife and kids, is having a harder time adjusting to normal life. He becomes a mailman because it’s similar to being Santa on Christmas night. He ends up getting fired when he gets into a snowball fight with a group of kids. His best friend, Noel the Elf (played by Devin Bright), has come from the North Pole to warn Scott how Simon has started to become unfit for the job. Scott had lost the famous Santa coat passed down for years. He also has decided to try and make Christmas every day, making it feel less special, and fires his head elf when she warns him about the path he is going down.

  Episode five starts right where episode four left off. Scott is surprised to see his old friend Bernard, played by Noel Krumholtz, from the previous movies. Bernard takes Scott down an “A Christmas Carol” style adventure. On this adventure, Scott finds out he is the first human family in the North Pole meaning he is also the first human Santa while the past ones were just made from magic. Now, Scott has to go back to the North Pole and he has to take his job back. As Scott sneaks back into the North Pole, he is caught by Simon, is put in the jail they have at the North Pole and the audience is left on a cliffhanger until the next episode.

  In the show’s finale, we start off with learning that, in order to actually take control of the North Pole, you have to wear the Santa coat. We see a funny fight scene between Mrs.Clause and a couple of foot soldiers. When Scott and Simon go to race for the Santa coat, a witch from the forest had snatched the coat, but she had fallen and Simon ended up with the coat. It is then Simon’s daughter who showed him the real meaning of Christmas: giving. Scott had taken back the persona of Santa and delivered yet another Christmas. Now, Cal is in training to become the next Santa. After we go on the adventure with Scott and his family delivering presents, we find ourselves at a party celebrating another successful Christmas to finish the show.

  “The Santa Clauses” is a show meant to watch with your family around the TV, sipping hot chocolate and sharing laughs. From the black licorice jail bars to Santa’s braces made out of candy, “The Santa Clauses” completes its goal of being friendly and humorous. If you’re looking for something to watch with your family or friends that is family-friendly and will still put a smile on your face, this show is just right for you.