Media Personality Andrew Tate Has Been Arrested; Something More Controversial Than Expected

Andrew Tate undergoes human trafficking arrest and fans stay by his side

Leland Branco and Tatem Bottrell

  Notorious influencer Andrew Tate was arrested for alleged human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal group. Tate was arrested with his brother and two other Romanian citizens on similar charges. According to a report from Metro, Tate and his brother ostensibly exploited at least six women by coercing them into ‘forced labor and pornographic acts with a view to producing and disseminating such material’ online. Along with his arrest, more than $4 million in assets were also seized. Additionally, 12 of his properties are being searched for more evidence. 

  Despite the allegations and the evidence against him, his arrest is still a controversial topic. Tate had built a large following on social media before being banned on all platforms. He recently got his Twitter account back, though, when Elon Musk purchased the company. Tate’s content was mainly focused on so-called “self-help,” but was, in reality, much more of a misogynistic leader for young boys. Many of these fans think that he should not have been arrested, and are expressing themselves on social media. However, feminist advocates are advocating for his arrest. 

  Tate should be arrested because of the evidence against him and the more we let a hate-filled creator continue with these behaviors, the more creators like this we will see.