Open Late Kitchen; An Elevated Late-Night Restaurant

The new restaurant concept doesn’t execute its take-out dishes as expected

Kate Barnum, Editor

  Many people have a craving for food at night after everything closes. Luckily, the Open Late Kitchen is a new delivery-only restaurant in town. They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. The idea for the restaurant is for people who need food after late night shifts or after a long night out. 

  When I went to order the food, the website was very easy to navigate. Looking at the food choices, there were a lot of different options, from sandwiches and sliders to quesadillas. Not only was the food expensive, but on top of the food, there was also a $7 delivery fee for driving within 10 miles of their location, a very narrow area.

  The total for the Gourmet Chicken Strips and one Pulled Pork Slider was $35 before adding the tip. After I placed the order, I was taken to a new screen that said my order would be delivered within one to two hours. This was extremely disappointing since it was already 11 p.m. The delivery was only around 30 to 45 minutes, so it was much faster than the expected wait time. 

  Once I brought the food inside, I opened up the boxes and the presentation was terrible. The Pulled Pork Slider had the meat half on the bun and half off of the bun. The pulled pork was soggy and tasted very bland. They forgot both of the sides of pickles for the Chicken Strips and the Slider along with the ranch and extra barbeque sauce, and the food arrived very cold. Overall, the food tasted okay and the Chicken Strips tasted homemade. 

  With the high prices and only being open on certain days, I don’t think this restaurant will stay open for much longer. The delivery fee and the overpriced food aren’t a thing for every weekend. I think if the business was to expand in the future, they should consider being open for more than three days and find a better way to keep the food warm on the way to the destination.