Europe Trip is On The Horizon

Students have high hopes for their school-sponsored tour of Europe


Graphic: M. Orth

The three primary destinations students will attend are Dublin, London and Paris

Morgan Orth and Arden Prieskorn

  After COVID-19 shut down all school sponsored travel, this year, the English department is offering a trip across Europe. From March 26 to April 4, students will be traveling around France, England and Ireland with Education First (EF). The opportunity to travel to Europe was offered to students taking Advanced Placement or honors English classes.

  “I want to explore the world. For me, the main excitement of this [trip] is [going to] France, but I’ve always wanted to go to France or England mainly to explore the history and culture that is there,” sophomore Sebastian Eaton-Ellison said. 

  For many of these students, it will be their first time visiting Europe. EF will guide students through major cities such as Paris, London and Dublin. They will visit historical buildings and landmarks such as Shakespeare’s cottage and the Eiffel Tower. 

  “I’m excited to see the culture and try authentic European food, [as well as the] Versailles Palace because famous people have gone there before,” junior Lilli Cerny said.

  Some excursions, like the Versailles Palace and the Seine River Cruise, cost students extra money in order to attend. Students also had the option to leave the guided tours and visit any friends or family that are in London, Dublin, or Paris. 

  “I had the opportunity [and] thought it would be fun, so I decided to go. I’m looking forward to England because I have family out there,” sophomore Parker Francisco said. 

  By going on this trip, students may be able to become more educated on European cultures and see monuments that are talked about in history classes.

  “[I’m excited to learn] more about the art, the culture, and just how life is overseas and how it is compared to the United States,” Eaton-Ellison said.