Brew Remodel Strikes Strong Opinions

While some regulars may be upset with the new Brew, others, including newcomers, are pleased by the fresh, modern look


K. Kaberle/staff

The basic layout of the coffee shop remains the same, yet many aspects have changed, including taking advantage of the natural light

Kendall Kaberle, Editor

  Brew, a popular coffee shop on Front St., is known to be a great place for studying, socializing and having good eats. Recently, the owners decided to level up their space to grow the attraction of their storefront by renovating the interior. Brew has been open for a total of 11 years with the same aesthetic as when they first opened. The renovations are likely to brighten up the atmosphere and attract growing numbers of customers, and continue to bring in familiar faces with the new design.

  Their new design not only includes an update to their furnishings, but also a fresh color scheme. As you walk into the front entrance, you’re greeted by a dimly lit environment that lights up the brick and wood, and the green undertones. Previously, they had black cushioned seats against the wall with smaller tables and seats, but now the cushioned seats against the wall are green and the tables are still there. The bar is also green, yet there are no longer stools to sit at.

After the remodel, Brew houses local business for customers to support while they study or catch up with friends (K. Kaberle/staff)

  Along with the new vibe inside the shop, they also decided to upgrade their food menu to feature local food sources from the area, and a new local coffee company has started primarily selling coffee at the bar. The new coffee shop, Madcap Coffee, anticipates their grand opening in Leland, MI spring of 2023. Furthermore, the menu has expanded from brunch options to charcuterie-like snacks for the evening crowds that flood into Brew on a weekly basis. Many of the food options that were on the menu before carried over to the new and improved menu. Also, Brew has recently started carrying more food retail options that are on a grab-and-go shelf in eyesight as you walk in. These grab-and-go items contain localized food options as well.

Besides bringing in new crowds and regular crowds and improving the overall vibe in Brew, the renovations will be sure to maintain the value of the shop and help it continue to be a stand-out place for people to come. Over time, if a business does not have the means to maintain the upkeep and keep things looking fresh, it is likely other, newer businesses can steal their spotlight. As several people walk in and out of Brew each day, whether it is for a business meeting, to study or to take a break and eat, the new vibe inside will likely be refreshing for the regulars, ensuring that if they may be working, it can keep their workspace fresh and hospitable to get things done. It will also be refreshing for hungry customers coming to enjoy a fresh meal as well.