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School Lunches Face Several Changes

Starting this year, complete meals at lunch will be free for all students, and changes regarding the food produced.

  For David Richardson, a Sociology, English 9, and Crime and Justice teacher, school lunch is an easier and faster way to get his daily lunch without hassle. 

  “I am often too lazy to make it at home myself, [lunches are] here and honestly I think our cafeteria [makes] some pretty good food, and it’s not that expensive to me,” Richardson said.

  To most teachers, eating the school lunch is almost unheard of, but the teachers do not always get the hot lunch, they can also get food from the salad bars. The difference to most is the variety and the rotation of the foods. Some days they have pizza and other days they have brunch. There is always plenty of vegetables and fruit to keep the students’ growing bodies healthy. 

  “I try to get a balanced school lunch. One thing I really love that they started last year is the hot vegetable bar because now you can pile up a bunch of hot vegetables onto your main dish and make a big meal. I try to eat colorful foods and eat the rainbow, ” Richardson said. 

  The vegetable bar is also a new addition to the lunch. It is a popular hit during the lunch hours because of the fast and efficient way it’s set up.

   Senior Grace Moeggenborg prefers the festive meals because they serve the best foods and drinks. During the holidays the lunches are more on the festive side to get everyone in the spirit. 

  “I eat whatever is in the hot lunch. The Thanksgiving meal [is pretty good]. The pumpkin pie [ is my favorite of the meal],” Moeggenborg said. 

  The Thanksgiving meal usually includes a serving of turkey and mashed potatoes with the choice of gravy, as well as many sides such as green beans. The dessert most talked about is the delicious pumpkin pie. A pumpkin filling with a golden brown crust.

  Everyone seems to have a favorite meal or item. Going in the lunch line every day just waiting to see what entrees could be awaiting is one of the best parts of the day for everyone in the line.

  “Chicken tikka masala flatbread pizza. It is really good. That’s probably my favorite,” Richarson said. 

  Chicken tikka masala flatbread pizza is chicken tikka pieces and lots of spices for taste on a piece of flatbread to construct a pizza and an irresistible sauce. 

  Nikki McAdams, one of the cafeteria staff, enjoys making many dishes, but her absolute favorite is loved by students all around. Popular opinions strike from all over, even from the most unexpected people, the people who make the lunches every day. 

  “I really like the Bosco [Sticks] and pizza because they smell good,” McAdams said. 

  Bosco Sticks are breadsticks filled with mozzarella cheese and are coated in a buttery sauce. 

  The lunch ladies remain busy throughout the day. Every day they are making breakfast and lunch for the whole school. 

  “[We prepare] the main entree and the extras it comes with such as fruits, milk, juice [and] vegetables. Since we get a truck every Tuesday and Thursday, and it’s called FIFO, first in first out. You rotate the old stuff, put it on the floor, put the new stuff on, start putting the old stuff so it’s always properly rotated. Everyone does that for their section. I do that for the juices,” McAdams said. 

  There are lots of debatable items that many think should return and many think that should not, for some it is the basics such as the fruit choices or the juice flavors. For some though, it is more the entree that they think makes or breaks the meal, or if the sides add on to the entree in a supportive enough way. 

  “I mean, there {were} a few options that we had last year that we don’t have this year that I think we should have, but will probably come back, such as the caesar salads. The caesar salad probably will come back, but it just takes time,” McAdams said. 

  Sides and add-ons add more to the meal to some than others. Whether the side comes free with the meal, or can be purchased, students have their favorites. Richardson has an entirely different perspective on this.

  “I mean, there is a few options that we had last year that we don’t have this year that I think we should. They will probably come back such as the caesar salads. It probably will but it just takes time,” Richardson said.

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