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The Haunting of Jolly Pumpkin

J.W Stickney and Genevieve Stickney leave the Jolly Pumpkin restaurant haunted

  Not only is Jolly Pumpkin known for its amazing food, but it also has a history of a ghost. Jolly Pumpkin was built in 1880 by J.W Stickney and his wife Genevieve Stickney. At first it was an inn, but now has been transformed into a restaurant. The legend goes that G. Stickney became sick, and J.W Stickney hired a nurse to take care of her. When J.W Stickney died, he left his money to the nurse and the inn to his wife. G. Stickney became upset because she thought that her husband and the nurse had an affair, so she hung herself in the elevator. Rumor has it that she likes to knock pictures and mirrors off of walls, turn the lights on randomly and appear in mirrors and pictures. 

  “Sometimes when you go to the bathroom the lights flicker, and I’ve seen people take pictures and they see a shadow in the background and glasses will randomly fall around,” Freshman Tess Baumann said.

  It seems that G. Stickney’s best way of letting you know she is there is by lights flickering and tipping glasses. 

  “I feel like the lights are always flickering, and I know some people that used to work there and they would say that glasses used to fall over when people had left, ” Freshman Maeve Schuck said. 

  It’s not only guests that experience these odd behaviors, but also the employees. Faucets turn on, the elevator will make sounds and sometimes pans fall. 

  “One of my family friends worked there. She always said that she would hear motion detectors go off but nothing was there. She also would hear the elevator and other sounds that were weird,” freshman Kamryn Westphal said.

  It seems that G. Stickney is very active. Within the times that Baumann and Schuck have both been there, they have witnessed paranormal activity. 

  “When we go up to Old Mission, we stop [at Jolly Pumpkin], so I would say we go there once every two months or something like that,” Schuck said.

Stickney got so sick that J.W Stickney installed an elevator so that she didn’t have to go up and down the stairs. The elevator wasn’t only used for going up and down, but it was also the place where she hung herself.

  “It’s really scary, and you get a weird feeling in it,” Baumann said.

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