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Opinion: Taylor Swift Takes on the NFL

Taylor Swift’s attendance at NFL games has become more prominent due to her boyfriend being Travis Kelce, but so has the controversy around her screen appearances during these games

  The famous singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift, has been appearing everywhere lately, including the Kansas City Chiefs football games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end. While she is at these games, some football fans love getting to see her for a couple of minutes on the screen, but others do not like to see her on the screen during the games as they prefer the streaming services to football. These individuals do not like the way the NFL has seemed to focus their attention towards Taylor Swift, rather than the football game. 

  While it is okay to believe Taylor Swift should not take all of the attention of the game, it is important to acknowledge the facts. Taylor Swift’s presence of being involved in the NFL has economically boosted their presence on television. states that “Taylor Swift has brought in “$331.5 million in equivalent brand value, or EBV, for Travis Kelce’s football team and the NFL as of Jan. 22.” 

  Going beyond the economic perspective, Swift being involved with the NFL has brought more than just money to the NFL. She has brought in new engagement, she has introduced new followers to the NFL, and to add to that, NFL fans have also become more engaged with Taylor Swift. With Swift appearing on the screen, her fans want to be able to see her thriving and happy, so they continue to watch the Chief’s games. It gets her fans more involved with football culture as well, aside from music entertainment 

  Another point to add on to this, would be that Swift has brought families together and allowed for them to be able to bond over a shared interest, giving these families, specifically fathers and daughters something to talk about, allowing them to spend quality time together. 

  The severe football fans who believe Swift takes up too much time on the screen, and who get upset with her for it do not realize that Taylor Swift never asks for the screen time. The NFL cameramen and producers choose to film her, yet they place the blame on her. 

  As for viewers on the night of the 57th Superbowl, it is said that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift contributed to the record of 123.4 million viewers, this is the highest number of viewers of a TV program. 


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