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Should School Personnel Be Armed?

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Total Voters: 31

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Voter Registration Takes Place at School

Students above 16 are able to register to be able to vote once they turn 18

  Voters should register as soon as possible before an election. Voters can vote online, in person, or through the mail 15+ days before the election. When it is 14 or fewer days until the election, voters must register at their local clerk’s office and bring registration. Students can register as early as 16 years old in Michigan, and it is encouraged that they register as young as possible. While students can register at 16, they may not vote until they turn 18. Every citizen of America is encouraged to vote. 

  “I’m indifferent to the changing of the voting registration age because it doesn’t affect the age when someone is allowed to vote, and I don’t care about the age that someone registers to vote because I don’t think it’s my business,” senior Dillon Chrestensen said.

  Chrestensen turned 18 last year and has already voted in the 2023 local election and the 2024 Michigan Presidential Primary. Chrestensen also intends to vote in this coming year’s election.

  “I would have registered to vote at the earliest possible age because it is my right to vote as an American citizen and I think it’s important to enjoy and use all the rights we have in the United States so they never grow unnecessary, for we may need them in the future,” Chrestensen said. 

  It seems that these individuals are highly opinionated on the topic of voter age and are very sure that they will participate in the election voting.

  “I think that people who don’t vote or participate at all politically are a bit hypocritical if they complain about the actions of the government because they have a chance to change government to how they see fit right now,” Chrestensen said.

  Sophomore Charlie Minor intends to register to vote at 16, and he thinks voting is essential to America’s government.

  “I support the change from 17.5 to 16. Ensuring that the process of voter registration is accessible and convenient is important to ensuring a fair democracy,” Minor said.

  Minor would like to participate in local and national government by voting. 

  “I believe that 18 is a reasonable age to vote. At 18, most people have graduated high school, worked jobs and begun to pay taxes. Age 18 is also when you can sign documents without your parents and do other important things like join the military so I think that 18 is a reasonable age to vote,” Minor said.

  Elijah Fletcher, a junior, is not yet registered to vote but plans to vote as soon as possible.

  “I am unable to vote in the next presidential election, but people should register to vote because it shows you have an opinion,” Fletcher said.

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