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Falling into Our Hearts

New movie “The Fall Guy” thrills viewers looking for a comedic action with a touch of drama
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

  “The Fall Guy” is a comedy, action, and drama movie starring Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers and Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno. Colt Seavers is a stuntman precariously placed on the set of his ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno, a movie director and the main love interest in the film. Seavers plays a space cowboy who fights aliens on an intense and dangerous set, involving a myriad of explosions and action sequences while Colt tries his best to be the best stuntman he can be.

  The character names and general operatives of each character are loosely based on the 1981-1986 series, “The Fall Guy”. Aside from the general plot and character names, the likenesses of most of the characters in the 2024 release of “The Fall Guy” are much more comedic and timely, fully encapturing the personalities of each character very well, especially given the two-hour timeframe that the plot takes place in. 

  Hanna Waddingham’s character plays the producer who places Jody and Colt on the same movie set. Although her intentions are unknown, she causes the rebonding and establishment of Colt and Jody’s relationship. It is at this point that it is revealed that Colt had left Jody after he didn’t feel worthy of her love. Colt attempts to rekindle their past relationship by going to karaoke and sharing a few drinks with Jody when he is thwarted by a group of thugs who battle him, sharing quips and blows, perfectly blending both aspects of comedy and action, all while having the overarching undertones of drama. 

  The thugs go after Colt because the man who he is performing stunts for, Tom Ryder, played by Aaron Taylor-Joy, drunkenly murdered a man while partying after filming scenes for Jody’s movie. Tom wants to not only blame Colt for the murder but also take credit for Colt’s stunts. The producer attempts to dissuade Colt and Jody’s relationship and trust in one another, yet accidentally causes them to confide in each other and devise a plan to prove Tom Ryder’s crime. Jody mockingly tries to reinforce Tom’s claim of being able to do his stunts by creating an action sequence that forces Tom to drive past canyons, into fire, and over explosions, all while Colt is with him. Colt is able to interrogate and strike fear into Tom, letting him admit to his crimes while amidst the fury of the movie set. By the end of the exhilaration, Jody creates her box-office hit, and Colt rekindles the relationship between Jody and himself. 

  Overall, this movie had a talented gallery of actors and condensed all tones of action, drama, and comedy into a two-hour-long movie. If you have the time to watch “The Fall Guy,” I highly recommend it, as it is well worth it. 

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