Stronger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Weights and Conditioning Remains one of the Most Popular Classes at School

Emma Hallock, Staff Writer

  It is always important to self-improve and keep yourself in shape. There are many good outcomes of exercising and keeping yourself strong. Sometimes a set schedule helps individuals to be motivated and encouraged to exercise.  Weights and Conditioning, a class offered here, can help with gaining muscle along with exercise. 

  “I enjoy it a lot,” junior, Quinn Disbrow said. “We do muscle-building activities and we also do speed and agility. It helps to prevent injuries.” 

  No matter your age, exercising is always healthy. There are so many benefits, such as physical and mental improvement. 

  “There is a lot of research that shows from a mental health standpoint that physical exercise releases certain chemicals in your brain,” Jason Morrow, Weights and Conditioning coach said. “It creates a positive mindset.” 

  Everyone has their favorite part of their classes, weights is no different.

  “I would say my favorite part is just getting stronger than I normally would be,” said Dominic Goff.   

  There are many different reasons to join weights such as building body muscle, exercise, even just as an hour filler. Even during the breaks throughout the school year, Morrow is always trying to help students improve their skills and their positivity. 

  “I send home different activities over the breaks, like spring and summer break, so they can stay active,” Morrow said. “It can be hard but you have to stay positive and honest with people.” 

  Students who are involved in sports, typically choose this class. It allows them to train in different ways for their activities that they are involved in. 

  “It keeps me in shape for my sports,” Disbrow said. “I play both soccer and basketball.” 

  Exercise can be a form of release. You are able to get out all of your aggression and built up emotions, while improving yourself in a healthy way.  Morrow has always loved exercising, it creates more happiness in his life. He uses his love for exercising to help encourage others to try it. 

  “I love working out myself,” Morrow said. “Seeing kids get better and think what their limits are and go over that is just really cool to watch. Seeing kids progress from their freshman year to their senior year is pretty impressing.”

  This class is a judgement free zone, everyone is at different spots and levels. You are able to be yourself and not worry about anything else. 

  “I tell them it should be a sanctuary for them,” Morrow said. “It is a safe place to just go and try to better yourself everyday.”