Trump Should Not be Convicted by the Senate

Shep Slack, Columnist

  Trump has been impeached, again. He was impeached with a single article of impeachment accusing Trump of  “Incitement of Insurrection”  for his statements made before the Capitol building riots. Now, while Joe Biden is in office, Trump is gone, the Senate is considering indicting Trump for this absurd article of impeachment. For one, Constitutionally the Senate shouldn’t even consider the article since Trump is out of office. On the second hand, the “evidence” of Trump being a clear and present danger to America and inciting an insurrection against America, is so bogus that even a kindergartner could dismiss it.


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  Biden is America’s official president who has sworn to “heal” the country with his magic healing powers, the first step of healing is to convict Trump of impeachment charges. Why would we want our dutifully elected officials who we chose to run our country and represent us, to waste their time and our money, on convicting Trump of this charge, when the punishment would be removal from office and disqualification of another term. America doesn’t want that to happen, that doesn’t benefit America. The only people it benefits are the leaders of the Witch Hunt, the deep left media mob, and House and Senate Democrats that have done a really good job attacking Trump for four years instead of making our lives better and upholding the Constitution. 

  Now we all know of the horrible display that occurred at the Capitol building, which was completely awful no person can justify the violence that broke out. However, blaming it all on Trump and pressing a legal charge against him is ridiculous. The remarks he gave before hundreds of thousands of his supporters were completely peaceful and he did not incite violence and insurrection. He told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” at the Capitol building. Whether or not the peaceful protest Trump had planned turned violent, that is not his fault. He clearly told them to go peacefully protest and they turned violent. Trump did tell them to “fight” and “fight like hell,” however he clearly did not mean for them to violently fight, he meant for them to fight peacefully in a protest. You could only see that as an incitement of violence and insurrection if you completely ignore all context.

  Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong, it’s not illegal to tell your supporters to go protest at the Capitol building. This impeachment is based off of only the extreme hate the deep left has for Trump. It should be immediately dismissed by the Senate as this trial would accomplish absolutely nothing but crumble away our Constitutional and procedural standards.