Seniors Going to Cosmetology School

Ava Whinnery, Staff Writer


   Students go into cosmetology school for different reasons. Senior Izabella Bielski does all the makeup for the theatre department at West Senior High School. She has found a passion for it over the years, leading it to deciding to go to cosmetology school.

    “I do all the makeup for the theatre department, and my mom is a hairstylist,” said senior Bielski.

    Students don’t always go into cosmetology school for a specific reason, though. They usually go into it having a general idea of what they would like to focus on though.

    “I didn’t really decide I kind of chose last year, I liked to do my friends’ hair and stuff,” said senior Danna Martinez.

   Bielski  explains how she has always had a passion for hair.

   “When I started the theater program and started doing all the hair and makeup, It made me really happy connecting with people and having a nice conversation while doing their makeup. It’s just something I’ve loved,” said Bielski.

   Not many seniors this year plan on going to cosmetology school, as of right now. It’s not a very popular alternative to going to college. People usually go into cosmetology school because they have a passion for their specialty.

  “No, I don’t know anybody else going to cosmetology school,” says Martinez.

Most of the time when you think about seniors after college, you would picture them moving far away from their home, but that’s not always the case. “ I plan on staying in Traverse City and doing makeup for weddings and hair, ” Bielski says.