She’s the First Helps Girls First to Graduate Around the World

She’s the First just resumed meeting for the school year in A110 at 7:30

Ashley McFadden and Peter Worden

  She’s the First (STF) club is only a chapter of the larger organization that aims to help girls who are the first in their families to graduate from high school. It’s a student-run club that has been running for eight years and has helped thousands of girls through fundraising events.

  “[We] work on making education more accessible for girls all over the world who don’t have access to it because of gender and equality,” vice-president of the club, junior Evelyn Brodeur said.

  Members of the club meet monthly to talk about upcoming fundraisers and events to hold in the community. 

  “We’re planning on doing some bake sales like at volleyball games or basketball games or soccer games to raise money,” new member junior Ella Thomas said. 

  By raising money in the community, the club hopes to spark change in the lives of girls across the globe. With their support, struggling girls gain opportunities in education that would never be available otherwise. 

  “STF isn’t just a high school club, there are many global-wide chapters of the official organization. [It] provides comprehensive support to girls who will be the first in their families to graduate from high school,” president of the club and junior Natalie Crowley said. 

STF reaches more than 138,000 girls across 26 countries through working to strengthen ecosystems and advocating for girl’s rights–mainly for girls in the global southern countries of the world.

— N. Crowley


  Members of the club also bond through activities and events held in the community. Without such events, the goal of the club would not be possible. 

  “I just remember in 2019 we were all getting ready for #BakeAChange in September, which is something that we are working on right now. It’s where we make baked goods and sell them at social events like football games and volleyball tournaments. I was at one of the girls’ houses and I remember just having so much fun with that amazing group of people and thinking how we are working together for a great cause,” Crowley said. 

  Though the club does not get to meet the girls they are helping, the club is able to get in contact with the people who receive the donations from them.

  “We don’t usually get to meet them but after we make donations to them through our fundraisings and projects we can have contact with the beneficiaries,” Brodeur said. 

  There are benefits to joining the club is the impact that the members take away each year and the impact they make in the girls’ lives. 

  “The impact for other members is that they grow through their years in our STF chapter and know that they are helping someone in a life-changing way. It will also give them a safe space to talk about the current problems affecting women and create strong friendships,” Crowley said.

  The club isn’t just for girls, however. Members welcome any and all support, regardless of gender.

  “The club isn’t just for girls, anyone is welcome to join,” Crowley said.”[The next meeting is] Oct. 5 at 7:45.”