Taking Sides: Roe v. Wade SHOULD Be Overturned

Henry Melcher, Columnist

  Roe v Wade is a monumental case in American judicial history. Roe v Wade marked the point when innocent lives can be squashed on a whim. The topic of abortion has a thin veil of complexity, but when boiled down, it loses all of its credibility. To solve the abortion issue the definition of the beginning of a human life must be answered. But when you draw the line of a human life beginning at any other point except conception, you must also accept that other living human beings are not human. Is a human marked by their heart beat? Well then what about people living on pacemakers? Is a human life when they can breathe on their own? Well what about the people in iron lungs? Well how about when they are able to gain brain function? Newborn babies do not have a lot of brain function, but also what about the people wasting away from dementia whose brains are turned into a sponge. I can’t murder them. There is no solid definition for the beginning of a human life after conception. But with the usage of different names for developing babies creates the façade that they are not human. But,  in reality they are a developing human being; just as a developing kindergartener who is getting taller and smarter is a human being.

  But there is more to the abortion argument. What about the woman’s right to choose? It‘s her body, right? But abortion cannot be a casual and convenient way for contraception (excluding cases of rape/incest/medical complications). The baby did not choose to be growing inside of its mother and has no choice to do so. All the baby has is its life and liberty which must be protected. It is not some tenant who can be evicted by their landlord. Actions have consequences and you cannot justify killing a human being with massive potential just because they are a ‘clump of cells.’ Even though you cannot communicate with this baby does not add credibility to the justification for termination. There are many people worldwide who cannot communicate due to extreme autism or other cognitive disabilities. By killing them it would be eugenics. Abortion is a moral issue of squashing human babies’ right to existence as a way to evade responsibility and, last time I checked, killing a defenseless baby by eviscerations is not a moral or ethical thing to do. Roe v. Wade stands as a governmental thumbs up for the mass termination of innocent, defenseless Americans who stand at the mercy of people with little sense of responsibility.

 Lots of people do take the stance that this problem does not affect them, and it is not ‘ their problem.’ When in reality it should matter to them. In the fiscal year of 2018-2019, Planned Parenthood – an organization who preforms 345,672 abortions per year; received $618,800,000 from taxpayers. This is over half a billion dollars which is fueling the unethical practice of massacring babies. It really should make you question if your money should be going to an organization as heinous as Planned Parenthood.

*This does not necessarily represent the authors beliefs