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Taking Sides: The Government SHOULD NOT Tax the Rich More

Taking Sides: The Government SHOULD NOT Tax the Rich More

Henry Melcher, Columnist April 29, 2022

  Taxes have been a focal point of the United States since the Revolution and even today the debate still rages on. The United States has a record number of billionaires. That begs the question, are...

Cartoonist: Charlotte Noller

Taking Sides: The Death Penalty SHOULD NOT be Abolished

Henry Melcher, Columnist March 24, 2022

*Trigger Warning: Story discusses topics of rape and death* The death penalty is something that no one wants to get to. We all can agree that we wish that these types of punishments do not ever need...

Taking Sides: The Police SHOULD NOT Be Defunded

Henry Melcher, Columnist March 3, 2022

  Defunding the police. Let’s just take a moment to think about that statement. We should completely abolish the system in place which keeps peace and order by arresting the miscreants of society....

Taking Sides: The U.S. Military DOES NOT Recieve Too Much Money From the Government

Henry Melcher, Columnist February 2, 2022

  The United States for 80 years has been the dominant power in the world. Being the most powerful nation in the world comes with its own set of responsibilities that must be met to maintain this status....

Taking Sides: Roe v. Wade SHOULD Be Overturned

Henry Melcher, Columnist January 3, 2022

  Roe v Wade is a monumental case in American judicial history. Roe v Wade marked the point when innocent lives can be squashed on a whim. The topic of abortion has a thin veil of complexity, but when...

Cartoonist C.Noller

Taking Sides: President Biden IS to Blame for Rising Gas Prices

Henry Melcher, Opinion Columnist November 30, 2021

  The Biden administration has exasperated the price of raw goods. The Biden administration has been the direct result of rising inflation. When you pump more money in the form of unemployment benefits...

Cartoonist: C.Noller

Taking Sides: Masks Should NOT be Mandated in Schools

Henry Melcher, Opinion Columnist October 29, 2021

  Vaccines are the ultimate solution to this pandemic, however masks are not. Vaccines are 96 percent effective at preventing serious illness while masks are vestiges from a bygone era of uncertainty....

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