Together On and Off the Course

Couple Ainslee Hewitt and Sam Tokie have been together for eight months through conflicting schedules


Photo Courtesy: A. Hewitt

Tokie lifts Hewitt on Homecoming night before the dance.

Riley Ashbury and Peter Worden

  With Valentine’s day in passing, couple of eight months, juniors Ainslee Hewitt and Sam Tokie, elaborate on their relationship and how they make it work through their conflicting schedules in high school.

  “I think it’s really important to just communicate. I think communication goes a long way and even words of affirmation just making sure they feel loved and saying I love you and just making sure that they’re there and being supportive goes a long way,” Hewitt said.

  It was due to their conflicting schedules and their drive to better themselves for their sports that they met.

  “I feel like it’s definitely hard when you have those conflicting schedules in sports but I think it’s also a great time that we can just see each other, show our love and for me going to his football games and making sure he knows I’m supportive and for him he goes to my basketball games and it’s really nice just to see that extra person in the crowd giving that love and support,” Hewitt said.

  Hewitt isn’t alone, Tokie also had the same thought and enjoys watching Hewitt be successful in all aspects.

  “I go to all of her home games and I think it’s cool to watch your girl be good at sports especially when she kicks your butt too,” Tokie said.

  In a comical outlet, both Hewitt and Tokie describe their first date where they went golfing and that’s how they were able to see the competitive side of each other which brought them together.

  “It all started with Coach Morrow class in weights. I thought she was kind of cute so I started messing with her. I asked her if she wanted to go out on a date and we went golfing. She kicked my butt,” Tokie said.

  On another side, Hewitt lets us in on the shock she went through when he first asked her out.

  “We met through the weight room. Last year was my first time taking weights and I had heard of Sam but I didn’t know him and every day he would take a plate and he would always add it to my bar saying ‘you can lift this up’ and I was like what is he thinking I’m not that strong,” Hewitt said. “When he first asked me on the date I was freaking out because I really don’t talk to guys, but the thing is he asked me to go golfing so I knew it was something I could one up him on because that’s kind of my thing. Throughout the whole day I was at school and I was so nervous but honestly it was so relaxed and so calm I just felt so at home with him like I wasn’t nervous anymore and it was fun. I beat him, which was good to kind of shove in his face.”

  Seeing as they have been supportive and loving of each other, they wanted to give advice to any other couples with conflicting schedules or just for any couples struggling.

  “I think just don’t force the relationship. Things happen for a reason and I’m happy I stumbled upon Sam and just communicate, work things out, tell each other you love each other and it will go a long way,” Hewitt said.