Kindness Matters When it Comes to Homecoming Royalty

The homecoming king and queen are named after a week of competition


Courtesy: M. Holt

Holt and Oswald smiling after hearing they won homecoming king and queen

Emma Howell-Leman and Aubrey Lawless

  The 2022 Homecoming king and queen are seniors Morgan Holt and Evan Oswald. They were announced the winners at the homecoming football game on Friday, Oct. 7, after the final votes had been taken into account earlier that day at school. 

  “I was so surprised, I was just like ’This is crazy.’ I didn’t expect it at all honestly,” Holt said.

  Holt’s campaigning strategy was very well-mannered and both she and Oswald recommend running for homecoming court as a senior. 

  “[Remember to] stay humble and kind. Try your best to just be kind to everyone and not be abrasive when you campaign,” Holt said.

  Running for homecoming king and queen is a unique experience that can lead to many different things, including talking to more people, making connections throughout school and having unforgettable memories. 

  “It was a lot of fun, it’s something to get you out of your comfort zone,” Oswald said.

  There are a lot of different components that go into running, one of which is campaigning. Even though it is a lot of work to plan and compete, future seniors remain inspired to run for homecoming court. 

  “It would be another thing to look back [on after high school],” freshman Sophia Fancher said. 

  Homecoming is always an exciting start to the school year, and it can help make connections for the future. Running for homecoming court is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allows seniors to make the most of their last year of high school.

  “It was fun especially just to do the campaigning, and even though we didn’t do too much, it’s really fun to work on a project with your friends and just see where it can get you,” Holt said.