Junior Kyler Brunan Tackles Another Division One Offer

Student athlete faces big opportunities

K. Brunan in gear. Photo Courtesy: WSH Football Instagram

K. Brunan in gear. Photo Courtesy: WSH Football Instagram

Harrison Gapinski, Staff Writer

K. Brunan on a visit to Michigan State. Photo Courtesy: K. Brunan

  Junior Kyler Brunan has received four Division One offers for football from US Military Academy, University of Pennsylvania, Central Michigan University and Columbia University. Division One contains the highest athletic programs sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Brunan has achieved many things, and he is only a junior at school. Because Brunan is still a junior, he has a year to decide if he will take any of these offers. Brunan can still achieve more.

  “He is a junior and there may be more offers to come. He has a plan to attend some camps and do visits this summer and one more season of football to play,” Brunan’s mom and administrative assistant Tammy Brunan said.

  These four D1 offers required a lot of hard work, time and effort. Kyler did not stop putting in work to achieve these goals.

  “Kyler did the recruiting work on his own. He created his Hudl highlights, a Twitter account, and [sent] letters to colleges he was interested in. He has also been attending summer camps at various colleges which introduced him to lots of coaches,” T. Brunan said.

  Brunan worked very hard physically to achieve what he has done. Football requires physical strength, so there is no doubt that he has multiple offers.

  “I worked out everyday, some weeks multiple times per day, and my boys on the team pushed me and battled during practice,” K. Brunan said.

  Brunan shows great sportsmanship, he shows physical strength, and he gets the job done. Those traits make a great athlete, but another factor that makes a great athlete is the mental part of athletics.

  “We are called student athletes for a reason and coaches see bad grades as bad work ethic,” K. Brunan said.

  That’s one thing about football, you need to be focused, have a great mentality, work hard and have communication skills. Brunan worked hard on all of these things, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.

  “Someone is always working harder, so you just have to have a dog mentality to make sure you can stay on top,” K. Brunan said.