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Professionals Share Knowledge with Students During Career Day

Helping students look into potential careers
Katie Rushlow explains the requirements needed to become a music therapist. Photo Credit: K.Meyers

  On Thursday, Mar. 7, guest speakers from various job fields shared information about their careers with students. The day took place in three sections, which were 30 minutes each, where students were able to select career paths they were interested in. After students attended three sessions, they headed back to their regular classes for 20 minutes leading to an early release. Sessions allowed students to further explore potential future careers.

  “[I attended] biomed and mainly classes related to the medical field because I am interested in those career paths. It will be good because you are able to learn from the people who have already chosen these career paths,” freshman Maeve Schuck said.

  There are lots of career paths and sessions that students can attend including; musical therapist, artists, biomed, detective and more. Career day has been a priority to be a part of the school year for many years. Katherine Corden is an artist who talked during career day. Throughout the three sessions she was able to spread her advice and love of art to many students. 

  “When I was in high school, I didn’t think it was possible to be an artist, and I didn’t have any artist figures to look up to, so I thought it was not something I could do. I wanted to inspire and talk to [students] and say that it is possible. You can go to art school and become an artist,” Corden said. 

  Many people have the perception of how certain careers are not as successful as others or seem unstable, which is not true. Many others have similar experiences to Corden as they wouldn’t have chosen their future career right away. Katie Rushlow, a music therapist at Helen Devos, also found her perfect career path after high school.

  “I have been in music my entire life, I’ve been singing since I could talk. I was always very interested in music. I really thought I was going to go either the musical theater route or performance, but it didn’t feel as exciting to think about auditioning over and over again. Stability is a big factor for me. When I found out about music therapy, I was happy as I’m also very passionate about psychology, mental health and all those different types of things. Music therapy is a great combination of both,” Rushlow said. 

  Many might be scared to take up a career they have an interest in because of money, but many might argue if you’re truly happy then that is more important. Your career is where you spend a huge chunk of your time.

  “I would tell my high school self so many things. I think about this a lot because if I changed my path I don’t know if I would be where I am now. I wish I would have gone to art school because I do have FOMO from not having four years in art class. After all, that just sounds like the best thing ever. I would say listen to yourself and less to what other people are saying. I think I always knew I could do it, but you are very impressionable at that age and you just listen to adults thinking they know everything, which they don’t. You have to believe in yourself and know you can figure it out too,” Corden said.

Katherine Corden Bellisario explains her journey from physical therapist to full time artist to a group of students. Photo Credit: K.Meyers

  Choosing a career path can feel daunting for high school aged students. This is a big part of why the school puts on career day, to show students they can do what they want in career paths.  It’s a choice you get to make.

  “Go with your gut, and really try to find something you are passionate about because you will put in the work, you will make it work. If it’s something you’re into it will work out. If you kind of have one foot in one foot out it’s not going to be as successful for you. In life I think it is important if you are lucky enough to find something you are passionate about and do for your life work, you will be so happy. The most important thing over making a lot of money, or something super stable is being happy,” Rushlow said. 

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