COVID-19 Vaccine for Teachers

Ava Whinnery, Staff Writer

On Jan. 29, TCAPS teachers at West got their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

  As we all know, this year has been different than in the past. We have had to take safety protocols such as going to school virtually and wearing masks when face to face due to COVID-19. Our education has been substantially impacted because of these circumstances.

  “This year has been different from previous years because there it’s much more difficult to cover material due to timing and outside circumstances, like being quarantined. The stress of personal dealings of this pandemic is also a change from previous years, but also trying to be supportive for my students in all they are going through with this pandemic, it’s a change from previous years”, said science teacher Marek Ulicny. 

When TCAPS teachers got their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the process for getting it was quite simple, as Ranke explains. 

“ I got it done at the Hagerty Center. I went in and they asked me the covid questions. They also had to confirm that I would go to your follow-up appointment three weeks after the first dose. I had to fill out some paperwork, medical information, and insurance. I was able to get my vaccine right away. Afterward, you have to wait 15 minutes to make sure there’s no reaction then you go home and it’s pretty quick”, said Ranke

Before west teachers got the COVID-19 vaccine, they had mixed feelings for the results. They were mostly excited. They were unprepared for what their results were going to be, or if they were going to have a reaction. 

“I was feeling excited, lucky, happy”, said Ulicny.

After getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Ulincy believes that this school year can change after the teachers get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

 “Of course, it’s a vaccine, makes me less likely to contract covid and the consequences that come with the illness. Fewer people are sick, means fewer to spread and fewer people out of the building”, said Ulincy

For most teachers, there were little to no side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, and they all came back to school healthy. 

 “After I got the COVID-19 vaccine I felt excited, lucky, happy, plus a sore arm for a day”, said Ranke.

Overall, the COVID-19 vaccine seemed successful as West staff seems to be joyful about the results. 


On Feb. 19th, TCAPS teachers got their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. As we could all imagine, after getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the second dose of it would have been much more simple and familiar. “I was a lot less nervous for my second dose. The process was super efficient both times and everyone was very friendly”, said Ranke. Getting the final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the teachers do still need to follow the COVID-19 protocols for the students. “I will keep wearing a mask and social distancing until the CDC says it is safe to do otherwise, but I am looking forward to seeing my grandparents as soon as they are vaccinated since I didn’t get to see them for the holidays”, said Ranke. Hopefully, everyone will be able to see their missed, loved ones safely, face-to-face.