Local M22 Store Expands

Closings of Sugar Kissed allows for Popular Retail Store to Expand


Alyssa Masiewicz

The construction inside M22

Sammy Schaub, Staff Writer


 The Traverse City M22 store is expanding into what used to be Sugar Kissed but is now a part of M22. M22 is a very popular store in Traverse City that many people enjoy owning their apparel. Most M22 workers are extremely excited about the expansion and think it will be good for the store. Chief Operating Officer (COO) worker Nick Madrick has been working at M22 for five years.

 “We have been wanting to expand for a few years now and it was the right opportunity at the right time,” Madrick said.

 Many are sad that Sugar Kissed is closing, but it brings great opportunities to help create a better business for M22. Junior Emily Barsheff is a shipment leader and has been working at M22 for two years.

 “It was really sad to hear Sugar Kissed was shutting down, but for the employees of M22, we are all looking forward to seeing more productivity in the store and to be able to provide a better customer service experience for shoppers,” Barsheff said.

 M22 is staying open and continuing their business while the construction for the expansion is taking place in Sugar Kissed right now, and hopes to have the new space open for the summer of 2021. Junior Emma Cox is a shift leader and has been working at M22 for two years.

 “I was kinda sad about losing Sugar Kissed, I thought their frozen yogurt was good, but I think the expansion will be really good for our business,” Cox said. 

 Even with the pandemic, M22 is still standing strong with their business and they are only hoping to do better with the expansion.

 “Just like every other business, we have had to make some changes to our business operations. Our team was able to pivot quickly and create a safe environment and shopping experience. We’re grateful to our loyal customers who have supported our small business through these unprecedented times. Since the reopening of the storefront last May, sales have been strong and we’re looking forward to another great summer season,” Madrick said.