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Ava Nelson

Ava Nelson, Head Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

 Ava Nelson is a senior in her third year on the newspaper. Ava is a member of the editorial board, a page designer, and a graphic designer for the newspaper. Ava took the class to be able to write more and to make everyone read her movie reviews. In her spare time Ava enjoys cooking, doing puzzles, watching horror movies, and hanging out with her friends.

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Juniors Gain National Recognition

Ava Nelson, Editor March 22, 2023

  Juniors Isaiah Gallegos and Caleb Mienk were accepted to a three week intensive summer program at the Washington National Opera. The program is through the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.   “I...

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“Barbarian” Movie Review

Ava Nelson, Reporter October 5, 2022

Spoilers Ahead: ★★★★★ “Barbarian” is the sleeper hit of 2022 horror. This film was given minimal advertising and marketing and it has still managed to find popularity in horror fans,...

Exam Study Suggestions

Ava Nelson, Staff Writer June 10, 2022

Men Movie Review

“Men” Movie Review

Ava Nelson, Reporter June 10, 2022

Men hurt women. This is the argument that Alex Garland attempts to produce as he stumbles through his 2022 A24 film, Men. Garland presents an “elevated horror” that is seen time and time again on screen....

A New Mutation of the COVID-19 Virus is Making it’s Way into the U.S.

Ava Nelson, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer December 8, 2021

  Panic rises in the United States as the Omicron variant moves over from Europe and Africa. The variant was first identified in Botswana and South Africa and has moved into several states including California,...

Exchange Program Opens Back Up at West

Ava Nelson, Kate Barnum, and Elizabeth Nielson October 4, 2021

  America has quite the infamous international reputation: guns, McDonald’s, racism, and more. Often we hear citizens of other countries, as well as America’s own people, rightfully criticize the...

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