A New Mutation of the COVID-19 Virus is Making it’s Way into the U.S.

The Omnicron varient of COVID-19 has begun spreading across the U.S., starting in California

Ava Nelson, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

  Panic rises in the United States as the Omicron variant moves over from Europe and Africa. The variant was first identified in Botswana and South Africa and has moved into several states including California, New York, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and Hawaii.

  The shape of the Omicron variant is much different from the original variant and even the Delta variant. Because of this, people who have had COVID-19 before are just as likely to get the Omicron variant. This is leading to rising concern among Americans and questions about the effectiveness of the current vaccines.

  Additionally,  The World Health Organization (WHO) has called Omicron a “variant of concern” because the current vaccines cannot defend against the new mutations completely, even though it can reduce symptoms. Though Doctor Fauci has called Omicron “almost certainly” less severe than the Delta variant, little is known about the effects of Omicron long-term. Defense against the variant is the same as it has been, including masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated. Current studies shows that booster shots could be the most effective in reducing the symptoms of the Omicron variant. Most scientists are warning people not to panic, but to continue taking the necessary precautions in order to reduce the spread of new variants.

  As of right now, confirmed cases in the United States are limited, but are expected to spread quickly over the next few months.