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Cici Copenhaver

Cici Copenhaver, Photo Editor, Assistant EIC

Cici Copenhaver is a senior in her second year of newspaper at WSH. She decided to take the class because she loves to write and edit stories, and also wants to assist with the photographic portion of the newspaper and website. Cici currently holds the position of photo editor. In her free time, she loves to read, write, ski, and bike. 

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Parking Permits Problems

Cici Copenhaver and Arden Prieskorn March 13, 2024

  Every day, students and staff pour into West’s parking lots searching for a spot to park their vehicles and start their mornings. Yet, as more sophomores turn 16 and are able to drive on their...

February Connections

February Connections

Cici Copenhaver, Assistant EIC, Photo Editor February 27, 2024

Paste the link to play:           ANSWERS: YELLOW - Ways to cook a steak; charred, medium,...

Ruby Franke on a talk show. Photo Courtesy: People Magazine

Fall of 7 Passengers Family Channel: Ruby Franke Under Trial

Cici Copenhaver, Assistant EIC, Photo Editor January 11, 2024

    Utah native and popular YouTube star Ruby Franke has pled guilty to 4 counts of child abuse after a recent court hearing. Accused of harming her two youngest children, Franke accepted a plea...

Graphic Credit: C. Copenhaver/staff

In-Depth Coverage: Gender-Affirming Care

Cici Copenhaver, Assistant EIC, Photo Editor October 31, 2023

  Gender affirming care is an umbrella term to describe psychological, behavioral, and medical care used to validate a person’s feelings surrounding their gender identity. It has been a recurring topic...

Books to Read This Fall

Books to Read This Fall

Cici Copenhaver, Assistant EIC, Photo Editor October 2, 2023

Rose and Fern Closes After Multiple Challenges to the Business

Cici Copenhaver, Staff Writer February 15, 2022

 On December 31, local Traverse City café Rose and Fern permanently closed. Located on 8th street near Potter’s bakery, the café offered an LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere as well as locally sourced products...

The TCAPS School Board agrees to a full week online and for masking to be mandatory

TCAPS Board Moves School Online and Reinstates the Mask Policy

Cici Copenhaver and Lauren Tkach January 13, 2022

  On Monday night, Jan. 10, the Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) board re-evaluated the COVID-19 protocols that were implemented throughout the district at the previous board meeting. Board members...

Student athletes on the Ski team participating in dryland training

Winter Sport Student Athletes Transition Between Conditioning to Competing

Cici Copenhaver, Staff Writer December 1, 2021

  For athletes, the first fall of snow brings in more than just winter; it signals the start of winter sports. With basketball, skiing, wrestling, hockey, and bowling taking place, students have been...

The exterior of the Big Salad, located next to Nolan’s Cigar Shop and the Good Bowl

[Photo] Review: The Big Salad, Opens for Business Downtown

Lauren Tkach and Cici Copenhaver November 28, 2021

The exterior of the Big Salad, located next to Nolan’s Cigar Shop and the Good Bowl

The exterior of Rad.ish

Rad.ish Street Food Made Vegan

Cici Copenhaver, Writer November 8, 2021

  In recent years, people all over the world have changed their diets and lifestyles to better accommodate their health issues and needs- from cutting out gluten or dairy to attempting the increasingly...

Board of Education Votes to Extend Mask Mandate in Schools until January

Eva Lawson and Cici Copenhaver October 29, 2021

  On Oct. 25, 2021, the TCAPS Board voted to continue the mask mandate in schools through Dec. 31. Students, parents, and public citizens showed up to share their beliefs on the mask mandate. The board...

TCAPS Board members discuss district mask mandate at a public board meeting on Monday, Sept. 27.

TCAPS Board Requires Masks In Schools Until October

Anna Sperry, Cici Copenhaver, and Shelbie Gray October 1, 2021

  On Monday, Sept. 27, a board meeting occurred regarding the mask mandate throughout TCAPS schools. The TCAPS Board voted 6-1 in favor of requiring masks in all schools but will revisit the issue on...

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