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William Collins

William Collins, Section Editor, Social Media Specialist

William Collins is a sophomore in his second year of newspaper. He loves to read and write so he is trying to improve on those skills. Out of school Will loves to sing and involve himself in performing arts. 

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PODCAST: Model UN Comes Away from Conference with Success

William Collins and Lainie Rintala January 30, 2024

  Model UN is a team of about 21 students who meet twice a week. They debate topics and explore international issues. Typically students are assigned one general topic and a country to represent. They...

Graphic Courtesy: WSH Theater Department

Theater III Show: Elephant’s Graveyard

William Collins, Social Media Specialist, Section Editor December 22, 2023

  Theater three, or advanced theater, opened their show “Elephant’s Graveyard”, based on a true story in 1916, on Thursday, Dec. 14. The show begins with the cast singing “Lift It”, a song originally...

Behind the Scenes of Guys and Dolls Musical

Behind the Scenes of “Guys and Dolls” Musical

William Collins, Section Editor, Social Media Specialist November 19, 2023

  This year's fall musical was “Guys and Dolls,” and while many came to see the show, not everyone was able to get an inside look at what happens behind the scenes. There are a large number of people...

New STEM Wing Plans to Officially Break Ground

New STEM Wing Plans to Officially Break Ground

William Collins, Editor October 25, 2023

  On Friday Oct. 27 the official groundbreaking of the new STEM wings at both West Senior High and Central High School is taking place. The event will be at 3:30 p.m. at Central and at 5:00 p.m. at West,...

Summertime Construction Downtown

Summertime Construction Downtown

William Collins, Social Media Specialist June 9, 2023

  There are several large construction projects going on in downtown Traverse City. One of which being the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Grandview Parkway Reconstruction. This is one of...

Vocal Performers Move to All-States

Vocal Performers Move to All-States

William Collins, Staff Writer May 1, 2023

  Solo and Ensemble is a three-tiered competition within the state of Michigan. The first stage is districts where soloists and ensembles have to perform for a rating in order to move onto states. States...

A New Music Class Comes to WSH

William Collins, Staff Writer February 2, 2023

  There is a new class on the schedule for next year and that class is music theory. Music theory is a study of the roots and forms in which music exists, so a class about this could prove beneficial...

Students Improve Their High School Experience by Joining Clubs

William Collins and Harrison Gapinski January 8, 2023

  Student-run clubs and organizations can have a powerful impact on the school community. At WSH, there are dozens of clubs. Some have the purpose of helping others on the local, national or global scale...

Celebrating This Holiday Season by Giving Back to the Community

William Collins, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

  This holiday season, WSH is giving back to the local community. The school is running a number of drives that have been considerably successful in the past. The hope is to raise awareness for students...

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