Taking Sides: Prop 3 SHOULD NOT Be Adopted in the State of Michigan

Proposal 3 guarantees reproductive freedom, allows officials to regulate abortion in cases involving viability and ban discrimination of individuals who exercise this right

Mason West, Columnist

I believe people should vote no to proposal 3 because Michigan needs a culture where human life is valued, and where the safety of women comes first. Proposal 3 would allow abortions at anytime from anyone, unsafe practices, and removal of parental consent for not only abortions, but gender reassignment surgeries. Proposal 3 is a threat to life because it’s a direct attack on life itself. If proposal 3 is passed, this amendment will be a license for murder.
One of the most important reasons you should vote no for Proposal 3 is because it allows for abortions for all 9 months of pregnancy. According to the University of Utah Health, a fetus is able to survive on its own after just 24 weeks of pregnancy. This means any abortion after 24 weeks, is taking an innocent life away. Under proposal 3, fetal viability comes from the judgment of healthcare professionals, making abortion justifiable for any reason. In many other states there is a fetus viability gestational age where abortion is banned after a certain age, with of course some exceptions.
Another main reason people should vote no for Proposal 3 is because abortion would be less regulated. Proposal 3 would protect abortion providers from consequences from injuring or killing a woman. With few regulations, Proposal 3 obviously lowers the safety, and standard of care for women in Michigan. Even worse, a minor is able to get a abortion without their parent knowing.
According to Michigan Supreme Court attorney, John Bursch, a “12-year-old, if they were to get pregnant, would be able to go to an abortion clinic and have the life of their child terminated without their parent even being informed about that fact.”
This is important because Proposal 3 is taking away any involvement with their kids when it comes to making life decisions.
Overall, you should vote no for Proposal 3 because it is a threat to life, and it lowers the priority for women and parents. Some might say women should have the right to reproductive care, but abortion is not reproductive care as it harms women, and guarantees the lost of a life. We need an amendment that protects life, and protects women. Proposal 3 is completely opposite, and lacks the fundamental rights that every human should have.