Unexpected Album Has Fans Split

With little warning, “Her Loss” by Drake and 21 Savage may not have fulfilled expectations


Drake and 21 Savage’s album cover to “Her Loss.”

Wesley Elias, Staff Writer

  “Her Loss,” a partner project from rappers Drake and 21 Savage, is an anticipated album by fans but does it live up to the excitement? “Her Loss” was released on Nov. 4 after a week delay due to Drake’s producer, Noah Shebib, contracting COVID. The album was first announced in Drake’s music video for “Jimmy Cooks” and was supposed to be released on Oct. 28. “Her Loss” is the last of a trilogy of albums from Drake which started on Sept. 3, 2021, with “Certified Lover Boy,” and continued with “Honestly, Nevermind” on June 17, 2022.

  The first three songs are a great start to the album with mean or angrier-sounding songs similar to their past collaborations such as “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks.” The genre of music is more at-home with artist 21 Savage’s usual music style where he brags about his wealth and expresses his violent tendencies.

  The fourth song in the album, “BackOutsideBoyz,” doesn’t follow up with the tone of the previous tracks and feels like a poor transition to the song “Privileged Rappers.”

  ”Privileged Rappers” is a more tame and calmer sounding song with a lot of unnecessary singing about profanities and Drake speaking about how he hates rappers who have made it as successful as they have with nowhere near the effort needed for their spot. The beat makes 21 Savage feel out of place with its calming sound paired with his violent and very explicit lyrics.

  On “Spin Bout U,” 21 Savage opens with more romantic lyrics that sound good but still feel out of place for his typical style of music. Drake is the star of this song since this sad and calmer sound in music is more of his nature.

  The longest song of the album, “Hours In Silence,” and the follow-up song “Treacherous Twins” leaves a bad stain on this project. It feels like a song Drake and 21 Savage just threw in to hit the one-hour length of the album.

  With a combination of an underwhelming sample from Daft Punk, “Circo Loco” has been one of the most talked about songs in social media. The song includes criticism towards Megan Thee Stallion getting shot in 2020 when Drake says “lie ‘bout getting shots, but she still a stallion she don’t even get the joke, but she still smilin’”.

  The 10th song of the album is a nice change in sound where Drake and 21 Savage really come back together and start to sound nice again. They introduce Travis Scott near the end of the song similar to the song “Out for the Night – part 2” on 21 Savage’s project “i am > i was.”. Scott’s verse is added near the end of the song with a beat switch transition for his verse and then Drake repeating the chorus one last time.

  “Broke Boys” returns to the angrier sound we opened the album with, putting 21 Savage on his more familiar sound.

  “Middle of the Ocean” reminds the listener of Drake’s usual smooth sound where he just vents about what is on his mind.

  The thirteenth song of “Her Loss” is a weird song that turns out bad with Drake’s use of auto-tune and his attempt at trying to make gun noises with his mouth.

  21 Savage takes the spotlight for most of “More M’s” which has an eerie sound and a sudden switch to Drake’s verse.

  “3AM on Glenwood” is a terrible attempt from 21 Savage to make a song with Drake’s distinguished tone, sound and style.

  The 16th and final song of “Her Loss” starts off with Drake using an auto-tune that makes him sound like a robot. When he finishes the minute-long intro to the song, he starts to vent again in a sad tone similar to “Middle of the Ocean.”

  Overall, the project didn’t live up to the expectations fans had with most of the album sounding like some kind of quick cash grab, some way to basically say “Hey I still exist” before one or both of them drop solo albums last minute before 2022 ends or in 2023. I give the project a low 4 out of 10 because only half the songs are worth any of your time and the other half are disappointing and a waste of time.