Theater 2 Has Last Performance of the Season

A review of “Wind in the Willows”


“Wind in the Willows” cast at curtain call. Photo courtesy: J. Schoenlein/staff

Jocelynn Schoenlein, Staff Writer

  On May 5, I attended a play put on by the Theater 2 class, called “Wind in the Willows”. To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. For a start, the music that played while me and my friends readily anticipated the show to begin was light-hearted and gave the pre-play wait an enlightening feel. 

  The cast did an absolutely amazing job with their acting, of course. The blocking on stage was great, and everyone used the perfect amount of space for each action and scene. In a few scenes, the entire cast was on stage, and they all did a great job of giving everyone enough room to manage. During a fight scene, the cast’s ability to fake the fight was great. It seemed they had put a lot of effort into using their space appropriately throughout the whole play. Everyone seemed to have their lines memorized and there were no major mess ups from what I could tell.

  The scenery was minimal, with a few clouds and some grassy backdrop, but was perfect nonetheless. Throughout the play, an occasional backdrop would be added to enhance the audience’s idea of the setting, and while small in size, each piece was big in detail. The house of Badger, one of the main characters, was perfectly put together, featuring pictures on the walls and items on the shelves that matched her character. Toad Hall, the home of another main character, was also given an elegant feel, with gold green paint tying in the theme of Toad’s house. 

  Costumes were another piece that was well done. Since the play was made up of entirely animal characters, I can see where there might have been a struggle to make the costumes effective in displaying the animal while keeping them cute. The designers did this perfectly. My personal favorite costumes included Martha Mouse’s ‘80s-inspired tracksuit, the Weasel’s gang outfits and Otter’s rugged yet adorable costume design. The makeup was also perfect, giving each cast member the appropriate features for their animal. 

  There was also music in between set changes, which often gave a tiny bit of foreshadowing to what was about to happen. There was also some music during scenes, including during Don Weasel’s monologue about his life. 

  Overall, I enjoyed myself and am very impressed with how well the play came together, and I will definitely be attending future performances.