Fostering a Community Through the F-Wing

After having spent years in multiple classes in the music wing, senior Elvis Hall will be looking into a music-related future


Hall during the fall musical performance “Kiss Me, Kate!” Photo Courtesy: E. Hall

Will Collins, Staff Writer

  Senior Elvis Hall joined choir in seventh grade, started playing in band in freshman year and has been a part of all four musicals since he has been a student here. He has felt the effects of being heing heavily involved in music and musical theater programs at the school.

  “I think all those classes build teamwork skills. There’s just as much teamwork in music as there is in any sport because you’re with your team working to produce a product. All of these classes have helped me to improve my skills working with teams,” Hall said.

  Choir, band and musical can all help to build social skills and friendships as well as teamwork skills. Through being part of these classes, Hall has grown and applied those skills to his outside life.

  “He’s very community driven. He likes to be a part of the arts and it’s given him a form of expression,” senior Ben Leman said.

  Hall met Leman through all of these classes and extracurricular activities and has become good friends with Leman throughout high school.

  “I don’t think I would have any of the friends that I have right now. All my friends I have met through choir, band and musical. If I didn’t do that I don’t know what I would do,” Hall said.

  Also through choir, Hall met Erich Wangeman, who has been his choir teacher since seventh grade. 

  “I’ve seen Elvis become so much more sophisticated in his daily life, in his appreciation for art and music, in his knowledge and learning through school. Elvis has really become a pretty creative and sophisticated thinker. I think that his involvement in the Performing Arts has really helped him to formulate really strong ideas,” Wangeman said.

  Hall’s involvement in band, choir and musical has helped him not only through high school, but also has taught him about what he wants after high school.

  “Singing for this long taught me that I do want to continue singing, it’s a big part of my life. Music altogether is something that’s worth keeping around and it’s worth doing. These classes showed me how important it is to be a music maker in the world and how to be positive to others,” Hall said.

  Music and musical theater can help all students who are involved find their place in high school and in life.

  “It’s a lot of fun. You make a lot of friends and all the kids are super nice. It’s a great way to build a community and build friendships that will last,” Hall said.