Homecoming Returns to West

After a year away from school dances, student senate plans an outdoor dance

  Homecoming is a high school event that some people consider a staple in their high school career. Last year many were disappointed when homecoming was cancelled due to COVID, and the impacts of the virus will carry over to this year’s homecoming as well.

  In years past, homecoming has been held in the commons, however, this year it will be held outside in the tennis courts. The dance starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. on Oct. 9, the tickets are $10, and students can’t wait. Sophomore Keely Robertson has already made plans.

  “I just ordered about eight dresses last night that were all really expensive. I’ve ordered so many dresses and done some serious shopping to get ready for the dance,” Robertson said.

  Robertson isn’t the only one who has started getting ready, junior Brook Winkler has slowly started preparing for the upcoming dance.

  “I got a dress and I got some jewelry for homecoming. I have been to homecoming before, my freshmen year. It was fun,” Winkler said.

  In order for all grades to be allowed to attend, homecoming is taking place outside. There’s no doubt that homecoming will look different, and students will have to consider the weather more than they’ve had to in the past.

  “Honestly it’s kind of dumb [that homecoming is outside]. It’s gonna be daylight for most of the dance which is gonna be weird, but I don’t want to wait for my senior year to get a homecoming,” Winkler said.

  Though many are excited to have homecoming take place, the accommodations aren’t favored.

  “I would rather have a dance with just us inside because of the weather and being warm inside,” Robertson said.

  Robertson goes to prove that even though this year’s long awaited homecoming is happening, some miss the traditional homecomings from the past. Senior Zack Featherstone, president of Student Senate, was part of the decision on how homecoming would happen this year.

  “I’ve heard a lot of potentially negative opinions on how homecoming is going to be, and while there is a lot of things that could go wrong, if homecoming goes right and we have that nice dance under the stars, it will be one of the best homecomings,” Featherstone said.