Homecoming King and Queen: Patrick Guiney and Sara Schermerhorn

On Oct. 8, West crowned two new students as Homecoming King and Queen


Photo courtesy: P. Guiney

P. Guiney and S. Schermerhorn hug after being crowned

Peter Worden and Riley Ashbury

  A new school year means a new homecoming king and queen. In the middle of a brutal takedown of Gaylord in the Homecoming football game at halftime on Oct. 8, contestants of the homecoming court walked onto the field with their parents to the cheers of fans.

  “It was so fun. Just to hear your names and just to be out on the field. Just that moment was really cool, ” senior Sara Schermerhorn said.

  Participants of homecoming court were Lexi Hodges and Danny Rosa, Zack Featherstone and Cole Maxson, Ally McKenna and Brandon Konchek, Sara Schermerhorn and Patrick Guiney, and Mogen McAllister with Kyle McCrumb. While five couples walked out, only one couple would win the title of king and queen.

  “Well, I thought we definitely could win because everyone likes Sara and she’s a good friend of mine. I thought that we were a good fit to represent the school,” senior Patrick Guiney said.

  Unsurprisingly, or surprisingly depending on who you ask, Guiney and Schermerhorn were announced as the homecoming king and queen. Almost immediately after, the stadium erupted into cheers as the two celebrated their win.

  “Everybody was really supportive and they seemed to all be happy with the result. They were all very nice and supportive. It was happiness,” Guiney said. “I don’t know I just kinda was elated for a few minutes and got my crown, walked up to the student section, and was like this was awesome.”

  Leading up to the special moment, throughout the week Guiney and Schermerhorn promoted their campaign mostly through social media and they would also campaign during lunch.

  “We used social media like Snapchat stories and people reposted them. [Patrick] made a sick video on his Instagram,” Schermerhorn said.

  The couple doubts that they will be running for any other courts this year, namely prom.

  “I don’t know if you’re allowed to run for prom king if you ran for homecoming but I’m pretty happy with being homecoming king. I don’t think I would run for prom king but maybe in a world where I didn’t win homecoming because it was pretty awesome,” Guiney said.