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“Invincible” Season 2 Added Prime Video

The animated series gets another season to follow the comic series

  “Invincible” season one explores the superhero subgenre in great detail, providing a new and sophisticated take on well-known subjects. Steven Yeun’s character, Mark Grayson, struggles with the obligations that come with carrying on his father’s heroic and idealistic skills. Characters with individual arcs and difficulties include Robot (voiced by Zachary Quinto), Rex Splode (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) and Atom Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs). The season builds to a suspenseful finale that changes the show’s plot and lays the groundwork for what comes next. As Mark accepts his heroic identity as “invincible,” he travels on a path of self-discovery and gains insight into the nuanced aspects of bravery. When long-kept secrets about Mark’s father, Nolan Grayson (Omni-Man), played by J.K. Simmons, are revealed, the seemingly flawless façade of the superhero community is shattered which shocks everyone, as Omni-Man was revered as a hero and as Earth’s greatest protector, but it becomes clear that Omni-Man is actually a spy for the Viltrumite Empire, a formidable extraterrestrial civilization whose goal is to colonize other planets. Omni-Man viciously attacks the Guardians of the Globe, including his fellow heroes, in a graphic and intense sequence that sparks a fierce conflict, Omni-Man was brought to Earth to prepare it for Viltrumite conquest. Invincible confronts his father’s actions, dumbfounded by the fact that his idol ruthlessly murdered the strongest protectors of Earth. Invincible attempts to thwart Omni-Man by beating him in battle, however, his powers are dwarfed by those of his father, resulting in a bloody and heart wrenching defeat of Nolan’s son, pulling at the heart of the viewer. After Mark is brutally defeated, Nolan sheds a single tear, then flies into the abyss of space, having his sadness overcome his dedication to the Viltrumite empire and blood lust along with it. The series’ characters are shocked by this treachery, but Invincible is profoundly affected since he has to accept that his father—the person he looked up to the most—is not the hero he believed him to be. The twist causes rifts, mistrust, and moral quandaries among the characters, drastically changing the dynamics of the superhero community. This causes Mark to have a moral and existential crisis as a result of this discovery, leading him to doubt the true meaning of devotion, bravery, and the demarcation between good and evil. The season balances emotionally charged character growth with gripping action scenes. Characters’ relationships are put to the test as they deal with moral and ethical conundrums. The writing and dynamic animation effectively convey the complexity of the superhero genre, highlighting both the thrilling victories and heartbreaking fallout from using extraordinary abilities. The willingness to challenge conventional superhero clichés is one of its best qualities. It examines the fallibility of people in positions of great power and casts doubt on the idea of unfailing heroes. Both heroes’ and villains’ decisions have repercussions that are felt throughout the story, which makes for an engaging and thought-provoking plot. causing critical acclaim for revitalizing the superhero genre because of its compelling characters, complex story twists, and ideal balance of action and emotion.

  Season two of “Invincible” picks up where season one left off, having the slow rehabilitation of Mark alongside the few surviving heroes of Earth after the destruction caused by Omni-Man. Mark Grayson decides that he needs to take a break from being a superhero and heads to college with his friends and girlfriend, staying in the same dorm as his best friend. Mark’s mother decides to continue her job as a realtor as Mark goes to college. Mark recollects his past friends and then gets called to action by a shapeshifting figure who imitates one of Mark’s childhood fictional superheroes. This sets off Mark, as this shapeshifter coming to comfort Mark could easily be a supervillain in disguise, causing the alien to reveal his true identity. The alien coming to Mark was a race known as the Thraxans and was sent by his ruler to acquire help from Earth’s most powerful hero to assist their race in the apparent danger that they were in. Mark is disturbed at first, but with a little amount of pleading and reasoning, Mark agrees to leave his first weeks of college to assist the Thraxans. Mark goes on a spaceship to the Thraxan planet and suspicion creeps slowly as the Thraxan dodges Mark’s questions. Mark still agrees and lands on the Thraxan planet, walking to the ruler of the Thraxan to find none other than his father. Nolan explains that he arrived at the Thraxan planet after conquering his severe depression, helping the Thraxans and becoming their ruler democratically after their past rulers had passed away as the Thraxans age much quicker than the humans on Earth do. Mark embraces his father but still has not forgiven him for the travesties that he has besieged Earth with. Mark is going to leave back to Earth when Nolan explains that he has had another child on Thraxan, making Mark’s step-brother, Oliver. Every Thraxan is in danger due to the inevitable invasion of the Viltrumites, eventually convincing Mark to stay and assist him, as the Viltrumites arrive in seconds. Nolan is able to debilitate two of the Viltrumites however Mark continues holding back due to his morality until he is almost beaten. Mark is and will be stronger than any Viltrumite due to the fact that Mark has adrenaline like humans, causing a surge of power before death. Everything seems to be going well for Nolan and Mark when they are caught off guard by a formerly thought-defeated Viltrumite, who knocks out and captures Nolan, kills every member of the Thraxan population, and incapacitates Mark. Mark is informed to conquer Earth in the name of the Viltrumites by another Viltrumite and left to heal while the other Viltrumites take Nolan to be murdered for his crimes.

  All in all, this season of “Invincible” is incredibly well animated and thought out, I heavily recommend this series to anyone who believes that they may find this show to be entertaining. The main gripe that most viewers seem to have with the second season is the fact that only the first half of the season has been released, however, this is almost a hollow complaint in my mind due to the fact that the second half will be released in 2024 and wrap up the ongoing plot and cliffhangers.


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