First Time Voters

2020 was a very important election year and many students first time being able to vote.

Ella Smith, Staff Writer/Business Manager

  This year is a very important year. Obviously, no one expected what 2020 has become and on top of everything that has happened, it’s an election year. Speaking to first-time voters at West Senior High, Senior James Vandermolen explained to us why he is voting. 

   “It’s very important to vote, he says, it’s my first time being able to vote, why shouldn’t I have a say.”

    Many other first-time voters are feeling the same way, senior Sophie Ankerson agrees. “I think it is very important to vote, every vote counts, she explains.

    Lots of West Senior High first-time voters have been educating themselves for the upcoming election in many different ways. 

   “AP Government is how I educated myself for the upcoming election,” senior Kaden Ales said. AP Government is a class that has helped a lot of West Senior High students and prepared them for the upcoming election. 

  Ankerson also took AP Government in her junior year and wanted to share her experiences with the class,

   “I have educated myself as much as possible for this election, after taking AP Gov last year, I have really figured out what is important to me and what to vote towards or against.” 

   With the time we are in today, social media is a huge influence on many different major issues but especially in this election. Candidates have been promoting on social media platforms and trying to appeal to the newest generation of voters. “Social media has been a big influence for young people,” Vandermolen said. 

 An important thing about this upcoming election is the new generation of voters registering. “I think people should help newer voters register, said Ales, but not push their opinions on them.” 

   Another important thing about this election is that the candidates’ views are so different. “The two candidates are very, very far apart,” said Ales. 

   In most elections in the United States, there are two parties. The Democratic and the Republican party but there are third-party candidates that run. 

   “I think the reason this election is so important to me is because the candidate I’m voting for meets all my beliefs and values, and it’s a great opportunity to get to vote for the first time ever,” Ankerson said.