TCAPS Mask Mandate Moves Back to Mask Optional

Ashley Mcfadden, Editor-in-Chief

  After the Jan. 10 TCAPS board meeting, the board members voted to follow the mandates set by the Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department (BLDHD). This means “the decision that the TCAPS directive would expire at the same time as the universal masking public order issued by the BLDHD,” according to the TCAPS Board. TCAPS will continue to follow these mandates as they are decided.

  Though the mask policy is optional in schools, “masks will continue to be required for all TCAPS transportation under a separate mandate,” according to the Board. The transportation mandate is currently set to expire on March 18.

  Masks will continue to be available for students and staff at each of the entrances. The school district will continue to follow regulations of the state and local communities and change as accordingly.

  TCAPS is currently facing a pending lawsuit that argues the mandates are unlawful, according to Record Eagle. This lawsuit would render the Board unable to enact another mask mandate if conditions worsen again should it win.